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The Church today

All Saints is built in finest Ancaster (Lincolnshire) stone, and is roofed with tiles from Broseley in Shropshire.  The approach is from the north side, facing the tower with its 120 foot spire.  The tower has a porch under it leading into the nave.  Above the porch is the octagonal belfry with its six bells "Blessing", "Honour", "Glory", "Power", "Be unto him that sitteth upon the throne" and "And unto the lamb forever", inscriptions instantly familiar to all who have heard Handel's "Messiah" (taken in turn from Revelation 7:12).

All Saints drawing

South porch
The south porch has buttresses displaying statues of four saints: flanking the door on the left and right respectively are St Peter (with his keys) and St Paul (with his sword).  On the east and west buttresses are St John the Evangelist and St John the Baptist (with his camel skin cloak).On the gable above the porch is the Virgin with her Child.